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initiative.        Privacy education and public policy outreach

start date.      Q2 2020

what.              To create awareness around privacy issues and the current forms of privacy regulation around the world, with a focus on                          state and local action.

how.                Open the conversation about privacy with a focus on data protection issues, including tracking consumers and data                                profiling.  We live in a free and open society, but our data is tracked without our consent.  We will convene thought                                leaders in the field to meet and develop policy proposals around privacy issues.

why.                1. We wish to promote the concept of "consent" for the collection, tracking and profiling of personal data.

                            To that end, we will support privacy advocates, academics and public policy institutions, representing forward                                      thinkers in this area.

                         2. Public education will be essential for shaping government and corporate decisions regarding personal data.  We                                will sponsor papers and web projects to promote privacy education and best practices.

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